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After Cage 2nd edition


‘After Cage  – a serial composition in word and movement on time and silence reimagines poetry in a liminal space between page and stage, mind and body, stillness and movement, pattern and chaos. This is ‘poetry / summoning itself’ against the fears of extinction that dominate our times, showing us what it is to be perilously but brilliantly alive.’   Maria Takolander

After Cage as first published by Girls on Key Press in 2018. This second edition published by Liquid Amber Press includes revised content and layout of the poetic sequence plus an extended contextualizing essay in which the poet reflects on the interplay of written text, performativity, music and silence.

An extra pleasure in reading After Cage is hearing Dominique Hecq performing her work. Purchasers of the book receive access to an audio file to listen as well as read.

Available as Downloadable PDF or Soft cover book