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Poet’s reflections

You will always find me, reading and writing, making notes in my journal: a constant companion.  For it is here, in the quiet time, when writing to ourselves, that we reflect, remember.  To write we must read, explore, travel, find our voice; unravel the ribbons of our passions. Poetry fixes the moment, but at the same time takes us on a journey and we must be prepared to follow, catch the juices, spills, flavours and spices, for these are gifts. Inspiration is everywhere. Reach out to nature, history, family, art. Walk. Make connections. We are our associations, our philosophies, our loves. We all have different associations: smells, tastes, reminders of another time. Let the poem lead. Write your favourite lines in a journal. Ultimately, your journal is your friend, your resource. Begin.

Rose van Son

from the open doorway
a collection of haiku
(published 2021)

through the window pane
light through rain

boundary fence
the honeyeater’s song

dove sips and rests
sips and rests

samphire grasses
wren’s song
wrapped inside

Japanese teahouse
from the open doorway
Daphne in flower

My poetry encompasses a love of nature, history, family, art: a way of seeing and understanding. I write with sound in mind. In all my writing – essays, articles, fiction – meaning is only half without poetry. I seek out others’ poetry, to learn from and enjoy. Cadence, music, rhythm, sound: so important to me. I value the simple word; how it fits with a deeper understanding. My collections include: Cloak of Letters, Nature’s Warehouse, and Labyrinth in Sandfire.


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