Zoom Poetry Reading

November Lockdown Poetry Launch with Tricia Dearborn

Thursday NOVEMBER 18, 7.30-9.30pm AEDT

Thank heavens for the fearlessness of poetry and the tenacity and wisdom of its many voices.

At Lockdown Poetry in July 2021, we heard an amazing and sometimes confronting array of different experiences of and responses to the pandemic – from both established and emerging poets. Our first chapbook Lockdown Poetry: The Covid Long Haul is a celebration of those voices. Together with images from Sharon Monagle, this wonderful anthology celebrates the ways in which poetry can help us manage and make sense of our lives in these strange – and ever stranger – times.

On November 18, we’re thrilled that Lockdown Poetry will be launched by remarkable poet Tricia Dearborn who will also read from her own work. As ever, there’s also space to hear from open mics – so let us know if you’re interested on

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Tricia Dearborn

Tricia Dearborn

Tricia Dearborn is an awarding-winning poet, writer and editor. Her latest books are Autobiochemistry, from UWAP, and She Reconsiders Life on the Run, an International Poetry Studies Institute Chapbook, both published in 2019.

Tricia was a poet in residence at the 2019 Poetry on the Move Festival and a judge of that year’s University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize.

Tricia also writes fiction and was the winner of the 2021 Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize.