What is seen / and what is not

‘Cape Cod Morning, 1950’ by Edward Hopper

Rose Lucas reads from “This Shuttered Eye”

Lucy Dougan on This Shuttered Eye by Rose Lucas


In the ‘long gallery’ poems there is the sense that there is indeed this ‘lifetime’s move’ of negotiating what could be life or death or the struggle to make things or even all of those things at once. In the final excellent ‘Woman at a Window’, Lucas achieves something special. Here it is as if the guiding intelligence has slipped inside the painting itself, ‘can / see the peel of paint’ and is watching the world/the viewer (or reader) outwards from the canvas (or page). It is a poem that holds an equal measure both of eeriness and comfort in its disruptions.

Read Lucy Dougan’s full review in Westerly magazine

Listen to Rose read three poems from This Shuttered Eye

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