Anne Elvey | ‘This Shuttered Eye’

‘Yacht Approaching the Coast’ by JMW Turner

melding light, material presence, human and otherwise …

‘Yacht Approaching the Coast’ by J M W Turner is the striking cover image for This Shuttered Eye. From the TATE Gallery webpage for this work, I quote:

In this painting the light in the sky and on the sea dazzles the viewer, obscuring the scene. This visual effect echoes the progress of Turner’s own work on the painting as he returned to areas of the canvas over a period of several years, covering the original subject. Dark shapes that appear through the layers suggest boats, while the buildings on the left have not been definitively identified but may represent Venice. By reworking the canvas, Turner has created less tangible subjects – those of light and colour themselves.

This sense of melding light, material presence, human and otherwise, and the less-tangible subject, could also describe Rose’s poetics.

Read Anne Elvey’s article in The Rochford Street Review.

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