Exhibition and reading of 2020 Shelter in Place

Rose Lucas reads at Shelter in Place 2020 launch

Anne M Carson, Rose Lucas and Sharon Monagle, on collaboration

Isolation makes me  Sharon Monagle 2020

Sample poetry reading 

Rose Lucas reads from “2020 Shelter in Place”

Our first interactive exhibition had poems printed in the catalogue book and available as poet readings via QR access in the gallery and a fantastic afternoon soiree.

There was also an interactive discussion of the ways in which the collaborative process worked for both the artist and poet.

Anne M Carson launched the book and hosted the discussion on collaboration:

“I love the dance of collaboration – I am a collaborator myself, creating poetry and piano performances with my classical pianist partner. When it works, as it has resoundingly in this exhibition and this book, collaboration becomes a synergy and creates work where creative conversation takes place between artists in a laboratory for thinking and feeling, and playing with form, ideas and aesthetics.

The mark of a good collaboration is that there is a balance between the contributions – neither artform subsumes the other and – they bounce off each other and both become more themselves. That’s what I see in 2020 Shelter in Place, two artists whose individual expression is enhanced through their collaboration. This project began in a many year-long friendship of shared values between Sharon and Rose and morphed in recent years into artistic collaboration. They developed much of what comprises this book and exhibition in their own studios, sharing back and forth and culminating in a shared residency where they said, the work really cohered. What we see in the book and the exhibition is the backwards and forwards of dialogue – sometimes both artists riff on the same themes, sometimes Sharon’s painting leads, sometimes Rose’s poems, and sometimes the artworks diverge and follow different paths.”

Listen to Rose reading the poems of 2020 Shelter in Place

Prints of some of the images in 2020 Shelter in Place are available below

Thanks to G3 Kingston Art Gallery for commissioning this project.