‘After Cage’ is launched

‘After Cage’ – an exciting poetics of disruption

On 7 July, the second edition of After Cage – a serial composition in word and movement on time and silence by Dominique Hecq was launched by scholar Marion May Campbell.

Dominique and Marion discussed the creative concept and process behind After Cage, exploring the energies involved in creating new poetic spaces.

Poetry is a wonderfully broad church – in terms of themes, styles, preoccupations and of course poets themselves.

Hecq’s work brings us challenge, throwing open conventional expectations of what poetry might be and what kinds of voices and structures it might use to engage us as readers. It startles us out of any comfortable sense of meaning, using tools of language/s, spacing on the page, textual variation, metaphor and association etc to catapult us into a destabilising territory of silence, speech, mortality and raw energy. Buckle up!

This was such a special poetry event – a feast for both practicing poets and those of us listening, reading and thinking about poetry.

​Enjoy watching the launch, readings and discussion.

Introducing the Liquid Amber range

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